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The curriculum at QUEST has a triple (Tri-Beam) focus of helping students 
  • develop an informed Christian worldview and healthy relationship with Jesus;
  • achieve mastery in reading and math; 
  • become equipped with the knowledge and skills of a field that they will be using in their near future. 
This is accomplished by allowing students to choose a course of study from our 7 Tracks (similar to majors at the college level). Each of these tracks is innately integrated with reading comprehension and numerical literacy, while allowing students to explore how the Bible intersects with their field of study. Technology plays a large role in our society today, and so it will also play a large role in each class of each Track that we offer. Because of generous support with community members like you, we are able to provide effective teachers, mentors, technology, and real world experience to edify each student.

Our Pillars of Pedagogy:
Find passion of students 
Smaller class size
Build relationships
Real life exposure
Critical thinking
Technological Integration
Student-Centered (Start with Student’s world, then sprinkle out)
We are working with children, even though they may look like adults!