Founding President 
Cameron J. Martin is an Author, Mentor, Youth Team Leader, Speaker, and High School Science Teacher. Cameron’s passion to make meaningful change in the lives of young people flows through each relationship he develops with a young person. An ideal student with a great education, Cameron graduated 3rd in his class from one of the top high schools in his state, and went on to earn his Bachelor's from Emory University and his Master's from University of Chicago. He learned at a young age that that there were a lot of kids just like him across America that didn’t get the opportunity of a very stable and loving upbringing like he had, and it wasn’t their fault. A fire burns in him to use his gifts, skills, and insights to help empower young people that want to succeed, but don’t see the way yet.

Cameron now lives in Chicago where he has been teaching since 2013 when he graduated from a prestigious teacher education program specifically designed for teachers interested in working in urban secondary schools. Cameron has experienced teaching in various types of schools in and around Chicago, and has worked with troubled youth throughout his time in Chicago. He’s always had a passion for mentoring youth, and does so now, especially with young men surrounded with adverse environments. He has seen first-hand how a positive and consistent mentoring relationship with a young man can transform a hardened gang member into a thoughtful, inspiring, caring, and loving young man that volunteers and positively influences other youth.

Cameron is most known for his analytical and logical thinking style, and his affinity to ask thought-provoking questions effortlessly. The way he thinks about certain things is profoundly unique and refreshingly original.

In his spare time, Cameron enjoys being with his lovely wife Raydia & their children. He also enjoys eating, playing basketball, and is known to become unresponsive during a good chess game.
Founding Board Member
Darnell Leatherwood is a husband, father, researcher, mentor, social entrepreneur, community advocate/activist, and the body of his work is informed by his personal relationship with God. Darnell has taught or mentored in the city of Chicago since 2013 and has worked primarily in the neighborhoods of Englewood and Woodlawn. Through this work, he has developed many lasting relationships with students, guardians, community members, and organizations.

In addition to civic and professional work, Darnell has completed academic programs that aid in his ability to engage and support underserved communities and their members. After serving as president of his senior class at East St. Louis Senior High School and graduating top 10 in his class, Darnell earned his Bachelor’s with a double major from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At the University of Chicago, he went on to complete his Master’s and is now pursuing a Ph.D in Social Service Administration. Darnell is a Doctoral Fellow with the Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences and coordinates the Workshop on Education at the University of Chicago.

Darnell is interested in helping people live better lives and believes that getting a good education is one of the best ways to do that. Not only has he researched the harmful effects of educational disengagement, but he has also seen firsthand how educational obtainment leads to positive life outcomes. He believes that quality education is not the only answer, but definitely a major part of the answer.