QUEST is a non-profit, private boarding school for inner-city young men that will provide a free state of the art education to the young men that choose to attend in Chicago, IL.  While a statement of faith is not required for a young man to attend, it is important that each prospective student be aware of the biblical expectations and culture of QUEST before committing to attend. Young men from all races and walks of life are welcome to apply, especially those coming from adverse environments that want to better themselves, but find their current surroundings impeding their development.

The curriculum at QUEST has a triple (Tri-Beam) focus of helping students : develop an informed Christian worldview and healthy relationship with Jesus; achieve mastery in reading and math; become equipped with the knowledge and skills of a field that they will be using in their near future. This is accomplished by allowing students to choose a course of study from our 7 Tracks (similar to majors at the college level), each of which is innately integrated with reading comprehension and numerical literacy, and allowing them to explore how the Bible intersects with their Track and their life.

Technology plays a large role in our society today, and so it will also play a large role in each class of each Track that we offer. Because of generous support with community members like you, we are able to provide effective technology at all times to edify each student.

QUEST's focus is to empower young men living in the inner-city to thrive despite their surroundings. For this reason, students live on campus for the duration of the school year similar to what they would experience at the college/university level.

QUEST prides itself on having Faculty and Staff that are not only very invested in the mission of the school, but also the most qualified. QUEST will accomplish this by providing a highly competitive salary and benefits for all employees, in addition to extravagant support for our teachers so that they can spend more of their time and energy on the highly demanding work of working with our students.

During their time at QUEST, students will gain various entrepreneurial experiences and skills. We believe that our students will serve & lead by building highly needed and effective businesses in impoverished areas which will positively impact the communities and provide opportunities to current residents.  Students will successfully graduate with the ability to decide to further their education at the college/university level, or to enter a career related to their Track of study.

*QUEST is Still Gaining Support. We hope to be able to positively change lives soon. If you'd like more information on how to bring this vision to reality, please contact us! *